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AMX 12t matchmaking? - posted in French Light Tanks I got this tier 6 french light tank yesterday and played 25 battles with it, but all of them were tier 8-9. Posts about AMX 12t (WoT) written by stnylan

-16 Worst Tier 6 Light,. hate the matchmaking.. Type 64 (same crew as 59 16, about 90 camo), and the AMX 12t. thoughts on Straight Outta Supertest AMX-13. the 12t and the 13 75, cause. similar tanks. This one has worse tracks than the AMX 13 75 but the second. Online free dating sites in uae. International World of Tanks replay database with multi-language support.. AMX 12t. Personal Score. Team Score. Detailed Report. Download. AMX 12t Appreciation Thread. Amx 12t is God in. grind through the line and on my recent re-exploration of the 12t and 13 75. Both solid light tanks,. The scout matchmaking for the AMX 12t doesnt make any sense. The tank is too slow to scout (comparable to the average medium) and too. World of Tanks - France. World of Tanks - 9.10 - AMX 12t - Siegfried Line - HD. World of Tanks - 9.7 - AMX 30 1er prototype - Swamp -.

I hate the guns, hate the matchmaking. It has good camo, but so. Amx 12t - 51 games, 594 damage, 456 assisted,.8kills. Type 64 - 20 games,. World of Tanks Portal. Skins Hit zones Cheats AMX 12 t. Turret Tier Name Armor, mm Traverse Speed, ds Traverse Arc, deg View Range, m. AMX 12t 12. World of Tanks tanks skins AMX-12t.. World of Tanks tanks skins BDR G1B. 09 2012 World of Tanks tanks skins AMX-12t. AMX 12t, France,. Light tanks should not be confused with Scout Tanks in terms of match-making.. such as the French Scout tanks such as the AMX 12t, AMX 13-75,. Its basically the AMX 12t with worse matchmaking. If you play it, you know the joy of seeing a whole bunch of Tier X heavies lined up on the. AMX 12 t. WOT. T4912t. AMX 12T Matchmaking! - posted in Gameplay Its the worst matchmaking in thw whole game, getting put as a scout when you not fast, and the. AMX 12t - Matchmaking - posted in Leichte Panzer Heyho, ist das auch schon jemandem aufgefallen Der AMX 12t wird eher wie ein Medium gleicher Stufe gematcht, denn. WORLDofTANKERS.com - World of Tanks Strategy Info Guide. The AMX 12t comes equipped with your choice of 6-round auto-loaders. Although, its really not much of.

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